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Prerequisites: Oculus Rift with Oculus Dash/Home enabled, PC running Window 10 (Older Windows versions are likely also compatible, but have not been tested) 


TouchType is an experimental keyboard format tailored specifically for virtual reality. Current point and click virtual keyboard solutions are slow (an equivilent to peck typing), but the only other option is to remove your headset to use your physical keyboard. TouchType attempts to solve this problem by providing the user with a keyboard that:
-Provides users with a physical input solution that doesn't require controllers to be set down
-Allows both hands to independently send input
-Can be accessed at any time, regardless of any currently running applications
-Optimizes key arrangement based on use frequency similar to MORSE CODE
Until now, virtual keyboards for VR primarily emulate the antiquated QWRTY keyboard format, which was designed specifically to be less efficient to prevent typewriters from jamming because typists were hitting keys too quickly. While the familiarity of QWRTY allowed it to be adopted by computer keyboards (despite being less efficient than other formats such as Dvorak), QWRTY does not translate well into the virtual space. Virtual reality is a radically new medium, that in turn requires a radically new approach to typing. TouchType provides a new approach to keyboard use in the virtual space in an attempt to improve the way users can interact within VR. Hopefully you will find TouchType to be an improvement to currently available typing  solutions! 


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